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Commemoration: WILPF Cameroon participates in the 3rd Café solidaires des cop’s

It was Friday, August 21 at the headquarters of Green Life Act Maison en plastique, at the freight station in Yaounde.
As part of the commemoration of the International Day of Remembrance in honour of the victims of terrorism, the GREEN LIFE ACT association organised its 3rd Solidarity Café on August 21, 2020 under the theme: “Humanitarian Action, Terrorism and Community Resilience”.
GREEN LIFE ACT is an association of young people from different regions of Cameroon. Its missions focus on social solidarity, sustainable local development, international and decentralised cooperation, environmental protection and education. This association works closely with young people in order to promote inclusive and intergenerational communities.
Within the framework of its actions, it organises a thematic meeting every month, generally based on the agendas of the International Community. For this third meeting, it wanted to pause with the international community to pay tribute to the victims of terrorism in the world and above all to advocate for peace, dialogue, tolerance, social justice and living together. This meeting was also an opportunity to equip civil society actors and academics with the fundamentals of humanitarian action and to improve the resilience of communities that are victims of terrorist attacks. Hence the theme: Humanitarian Action, Terrorism & Community Resilience.
Three themes were on the agenda of this meeting, namely: Humanitarian action: from concept to practice; Terrorism: a plural threat to humanity; Community resilience to the rise of terrorism. In addition to this calendar, a practical workshop was organised and participants were taught the rules of first aid when dealing with a person suffering from a heart attack.
WILPF Cameroon, represented by Armelle Ndongo, Security Policy Officer, Disarmament Coordinator, had the privilege of participating in this meeting. Armelle Ndongo led a session on the theme: “Strategy for improving the resilience of communities affected by terrorism”. She equipped the participants on the concepts of terrorism, resilience strategies without forgetting to share the example of WILPF Cameroon within the framework of its humanitarian action oriented since 2019 towards internally displaced persons in the North and South West regions.

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