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On Saturday, October 24, 2020, WILPF Cameroon took part in the “DRONE CONFERENCE” organized by the startup QUADRANT 2E, in the amphitheatre 500 of the campus 2 of the University of Douala. The conference was attended by students, young doctoral students and young job seekers; The panel consisted of Mr Jacques EONE CEO of QUADRANT 2E, Mr Louis EKANI CEO of the startup House Innovation, Mr Justin MOSKOLAÏ head of department of the Faculty of Science at the University of Douala, Mr SIMO Yoan startupper, Mr AZEBAZE dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Douala, Pr LEHMAN Gustave parasitologist and the president of WILPF Cameroon Mrs Sylvie NDONGMO.
The objective was to make the young students understand the opportunities offered by the field of new technologies framed by drones and robotics. In addition, WILPF Cameroon took the opportunity to sensitize young people through the campaign against killer robots to say NO to this destructive technology.
The following modules were presented during the meeting:
– Drones, robotics and new technologies: opportunities for Cameroonian youth;
– Artificial Intelligence and Drones;
– Drone and Civil Engineering: photogrammetry and mapping by drone;
– Drones and generalities: inspections, mines and security;
– The dangers of new technologies: the case of robots and drones;
– Introduction to drones, discoveries, backstage.
It emerged from these teachings, exchanges and awareness that new technologies are the FUTURE and for this reason young people and all other actors must do more research in these areas in order to be better equipped and prevent the dangers of the manufacture of killer robots.

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