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Gender dimension in conflicts in Cameroon: discover the documentary film

N’oublier personne – Documentary film, 26 minutes, January 2021 .
The analysis of the gender dimension of conflict in Cameroon is a participatory research project conducted by WILPF Cameroon and its partners between 2019 and March 2020, with a view to better understanding the current rifts that generate conflict and instability in Cameroon. This analysis specifically reflects the lived experiences and grievances of women and girls from different components of Cameroonian society in their own words, and proposes recommendations for sustainable peace, with the effective participation of women in peace and security processes.
In the course of this study, unseen images, testimonies of victims of conflicts and women peace activists were collected. Beyond the horror of ongoing conflicts, these images and testimonies provide information on how to silence the weapons and prevent insecurity in Cameroon, where gender-based violence, violent discourse and the weakness of dialogue exacerbate tensions.
Entitled “N’oublier personne”, this 26-minute documentary film is subtitled in French and English. It was produced by Griote Tv on behalf of the CSO Platform “Cameroonian Women for Peaceful Elections and Peace Education”, chaired by WILPF Cameroon.
Download the film.
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