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Effective since June 2015, this cross-cutting programme aims to contribute to a world where the use of force is reduced, and where less is invested in armaments and more in peace (health, education, etc.), as indicated by its flagship slogan: "Move the money from war to peace". Through its "Disarmament" programme, WILPF Cameroon popularises the treaties on the circulation and trade of arms and monitors compliance with the gender dimension in the implementation of the various related treaties.

  • Ending “Autonomous Lethal Weapons” (Killer Robots) and Nuclear Weapons: WILPF Cameroon’s action is to mobilise and lead African states to take action to ban the use of weapons of mass destruction. The actions also aim to ensure that there is always human control over robots and to get governments to invest in development robots and not in killer robots or robots designed to wage war.
  • Gender and Disarmament: its main activities are the popularisation of the Arms Trade Treaties and the monitoring of the gender dimension in the implementation of the various Arms Trade Treaties.

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